Demo: Advanced Software Delivery Metrics

During this advanced metrics workshop, we put Allstacks' robust reporting to the test to answer your most pressing and hard-to-answer questions about your software delivery. 

Now On-Demand (30-Min.)



No two engineering or product teams are created equal, making getting a clear and consistent understanding of progress across the organization difficult. The ability to customize reports to your team, role, and processes across your entire organization is a critical - yet complex task.

In this video, we put Allstacks to the test, building out select metrics from 100+ metrics with some of the most common (and some uncommon) requests we get about software delivery insights that were previously unanswerable with just a few clicks.

The questions we explore in this video:

  • How do we narrow down types of work to exclude things like spikes for POCs?
  • Are there differences in how my distributed or outsourced teams work?
  • How long does it take to complete defects once work has begun and code implemented?
  • How much time do we spend on something before we decide not to do it?
  • What percentage of roadmap items get through on the first try with no bouncebacks?

Event Speakers

Hersh Tapadia

Hersh Tapadia

CEO + Co-founder
Adam Dahlgren

Adam Dahlgren

Head of Product and Business Development