The Two-Headed VSM Monster: Culture & Metrics

With Allstack's co-founder & CEO Hersh Tapadia & Dr Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO of Exathink Research

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Get on-demand access to our Nov. 14th webcast where Hersh Tapadia and Dr. Krishna Kumar sat down for a deep dive and discussion on the future of Value Stream Management — predicted by Gartner to be used by 80% of organizations to align their software delivery priorities with business objectives.

Their expert insights will help you understand common challenges in VSM adoption, the role of key metrics in digital transformation, and the need for a positive culture shift to ensure success in an evolving tech landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the prevalent challenges of adopting VSM and undergoing digital transformation.
  • Learn to prioritize and understand a few vital metrics to align with your goals effectively.
  • Recognize the importance of driving positive cultural change for successful VSM integration.
  • Gain expert advice on managing teams and selecting optimal solutions on your VSM journey.


Hersh Tapadia

Hersh Tapadia

CEO & Co-Founder | Allstacks
Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar

Founder & CEO | Exathink