Decoding Engineering Productivity in 2024

Earlier this year we surveyed hundreds of engineers and business leaders across organizations of all sizes in an effort to uncover what engineering teams care about most, the barriers they face, and how teams are approaching engineering excellence.

Sneak Peek at What's Inside.

This report uncovers insights and strategies that engineering organizations are using to supercharge their teams, measure and enhance developer satisfaction, and unlock the game-changing potential of AI to elevate engineering productivity.

Fundamentals of Engineering Productivity

Explore the essential elements of engineering productivity, as well as common challenges and strategies to measure and elevate performance.


Best Practices for Developer Experience

Understand the critical role of developer experience, plus tips on how to prevent burnout and create a productive environment for your engineering team.


Leveraging AI for Enhanced Productivity

Learn how to harness the power of AI to enhance engineering productivity, streamline workflows, and drive innovation with practical, impactful applications.


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