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GenAI Roundtable Discussion

Session 1: Implementing GenAI for Engineering Leaders

Hear from our panel of industry experts as they discuss firsthand experiences in implementing Generative AI across engineering and product, highlighting lessons learned toward realizing the full benefits of Generative AI. 


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Ed Wiley

AI Exec/Consultant - CTO & CIO (Website)

Ed Wiley is a senior executive with 25+ years of building, leading, and advising world-class machine learning, AI, and data science teams and projects. He’s worked with companies at various stages, from startup to Fortune 50. He’s also served as a Stanford PhD researcher, business consultant, executive, academic Chair, and more.



Yongsheng Wu

VP Engineering -

Yongsheng Wu is a seasoned engineering leader with deep technical expertises. He is currently VP of Engineering at Granica.AI, previously he had been a startup founder & CEO, an engineering leader at Circle, Pinterest, Twitter, and Salesforce.

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Jeremy Freeman

Co-Founder & CTO - Allstacks

Jeremy Freeman is the co-founder and CTO of Allstacks, a predictive forecasting and risk management platform that improves software development outcomes. With 10+ years of engineering, leadership, and entrepreneurship experience, he offers a wealth of knowledge on how to improve technical and business efficiencies. 


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