On-Demand Webinar

Using Engineering OKRs to Make the CPO Your Ally in the Boardroom


GTM Hub Engineering OKR Experts


Engineering OKRs Expert Panel

Evan Campbell

Evan Campbell

Chief Transformation Architect, GTMhub
Jeremy Freeman

Jeremy Freeman

CTO + Co-founder, Allstacks
Adam Dahlgren

Adam Dahlgren

SVP of Product, Allstacks


There are many ways to measure and set goals for engineering organizations. However, many companies implement OKRs as a top-down initiative to gain organizational alignment and tracking toward business objectives. Engineering leaders often dislike OKRs because they have not accurately demonstrated the value of the development teams’ efforts. 

In this 30-minute webinar, you will be listening in on an objective, honest conversation between Allstacks’ CTO and Product leader and a Gtmhub OKR expert as they talk it out on the following: 

  • The business dynamics that drive misalignment in software organizations
  • Why it’s challenging to use OKR frameworks in software orgs
  • How to implement engineering OKRs that translate development effort to value 
  • Using GTMHub and Allstacks enables you to visualize and automate OKR tracking